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Recurring orders

You can automatically create your recurring orders in Packageez.


Automatically create an order with the saved delivery data

  • every day

  • weekly on every Monday

  • weekly on every Monday, Tuesday …

  • monthly on a specific day

  • yearly on a specific day

… you can choose from many other timing options.

Different starting points

A) Create a NEW recurring order

Packageez admin > Mission control

B) Create a recurring order from an EXISTING ORDER

Packageez admin > Order page > Edit order > Mission control

C) Create a recurring order from a DRAFT

Packageez admin > Mission control > … icon > Drafts > Edit draft (pencil icon)

Create recurring orders

1. Start from Mission Control.

2. Fill / check the delivery data (pickup, handover, timings etc.).

3. Click on the "..." icon and choose the "Save as recurring delivery" option.

4. In the pop-up window you can set the following data:

  • Name - E.g. you can enter the name of the customer.

  • Start & End date - Period of the recurring order. E.g.: 2023.01.01.-2023.12.31. The “End date” is optional, you can keep this field empty to make the recurring process endless.

  • Frequency of recurrence - Using the timing options it can be, weekly, monthly etc.

  • Order creation time - You can set how many days before the earliest pickup time should the system create the order. (If the value is 0 > The order will be created at 00:00 on the actual day. If the value is 1 > The order will be created at 00:00 one day before the actual day.)

  • Status - It can be Active or Archive. Once archive the recurring order the system doesn’t create the orders anymore.

  • Save the recurring order.

Review recurring orders

You can overview your registered recurring orders in Packageez admin > Mission control > … icon > Recurring orders.

You can also check the history of each recurring order by clicking on the clock icon in the Recurring orders table. You can check that the system has successfully created the orders.

You can list all of the created recurring orders in the Deliveries menu, using the “Created by” filter and set it to “System (recurring delivery)”.

Edit recurring orders

You can edit your registered recurring orders. Follow the steps below:

  1. Mission control > … icon > Recurring orders table > Edit (pencil icon)

  2. Check or modify the delivery data.

  3. Click the “Save” button to save your changes.

  4. Check or modify the settings of the recurring order in the “Save as recurring order” pop up window.

  5. Click the “Save” button to save your changes.


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